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About Us

Our (brief) Story

The World’s fastest growing homeware trend and we have bought it to your front door Mzanzi! 

Why does everyone drink out of boring old coffee cups? This isn’t the 90’s anymore and the world is moving fast. All we want is some modern glassware for our home.   

Well that is what a small group of South African born Artists & Entrepreneurs thought when they got together and decided to do something about it.

Here you will find not only the world’s leading trends in modern glassware but the best quality glassware as well. 

Why Choose Us?

Rothsby is the only drinksware brand in South Africa leading the charge in new age glassware at an affordable price. We go to great lengths to source only the best glassware from all over the world.

Buying from us ensures you piece of mind that you are buying the latest and buying the best. And boy will your friends be jealous.

To top things off, we have gone out of our way and deep into our pockets to ensure that the packaging and presentation of our glasses are next to none. Making them the perfect gift for that pecial someone. We can;t think of a better gift for weddings, birthdays and special holidays.